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Senne de Jong

Little Chicken Game Company / Track Lab
Senne de Jong is one of the four founders of Little Chicken Game Company, an independent game studio from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Little Chicken has been making games since 2001. We started out as guns for hire, making 3D webgames for mostly commercial purposes. Later we moved into the applied game territory. About 3 years ago we’ve decided to focus on direct-to-player entertainment titles. Currently Little Chicken is a company of about twenty people. Senne used to be the lead programmer at Little Chicken, but moved to being  CFO of Little Chicken about five years ago. He occasionally still does some programming jobs and audio design. In the weekends he does some dj’ing, reads comics and play with his synthesizer collection.
Track Lab is the first title that Little Chicken released on the Sony Playstation VR platform. Track Lab is an original idea by Senne, originally conceived about 20 years ago, way back in art school. Actually it’s more of a toy than a game, based on the idea of a 2-dimensional sequencer. Tomas Sala, another founder, had the brilliant idea to make a prototype of the core idea in VR and pitch it to Sony, who were instantly sold and eventually published the game.