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Enrico Mina

SeaNaps & Blockchain My Art
Co-Founder & Co-Initiator
Enrico Mina is co-founder of the SeaNaps Festival, a blockchain-based Festival in Leipzig (DE), where he coordinates Since 2017 the blockchain ecosystem. in 2018 Enrico also co-initiate the European project Blockchain My Art, that proposes a transparent payment solution for festivals, with the aim of spreading transparency and fairness in the cultural circuits lacking of it.

SeaNaps Festival is the first blockchain-based festival in Germany. Since 2017 it provides a transparent payment system to improve fairness and transparency of wealth redistribution within cultural events."

Blockchain My Art is an European project led by the three festivals TodaysArt (NL), Les Siestes Electroniques (FR) and SeaNaps (DE). It provides a transparent cashless solution based on blockchain technology for festivals. Its aim is to create an alternative to the main stream live music circuits based on transparency, trust by design and conscious consumers.