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Ellen Dosch

LOGOWERK - Agency for Communication, Design, Advertisement & Events
Management of Dr. Motte
* 24. July 1980 in Würzburg

I'm a Berliner at heart since a was born. I never really felt at home where I grew up because people in the city of Würzburg (Bavaria, Southern Germany) are of a different kind. Very deeprooted into their traditions and routines like 'we have always done like this'-thinking. Maybe it's changing a bit but I have always been a little rebel and a free thinker. 

As a teenager in the nineties, Berlin had a magical pull on me. It was the city where everything was possible, where Techno was a culture of life, ravers were a peaceful, loving family and the greatest binding force was the acceptance of the otherness of the individual. That has really struck a chord with me and I knew there I belong. I guess it was just a matter of time until I finally moved here in 2010, after I completed my communication design studies.

Right after that I became the artist manager of one of Berlins most famous DJ's: Dr. Motte. In 2015, I also took over the LOGOWERK – an agency for communication, design, advertisement and events that already exists since 1995. So I'm actually doing two full-time jobs what is very common in this city.

Additional Information:

Raverin aus Leidenschaft seit ca. 1995

B.A. Kommunikationsdesign FH - Abgeschlossenes Studium des Kommunikationsdesigns an der Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt

Seit 2008 Freelancer und Berater der Werbeagentur LOGOWERK, die ich 2015 als geschäftsführende Inhaberin übernommen habe.

Seit 2010 Künstlermanagerin und Beraterin von Dr. Motte. Sein Booking habe ich nur bis ca. 2016 gemacht, weil es mir einfach keinen Spaß macht. Seit dieser Zeit arbeiten wir mit Claudia Schneider von Pearls Booking Berlin zusammen.