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LIZZY „ Leute fliegen zum Mond und klonen Schafe, warum soll ich nicht tanzen können, während ich Schlagzeug spiele?“ - LIZZY LIZZY ist eine Berliner Elektro-Pop Künstlerin, die Live mit ihrer revolutionären Erfindung dem „3DDD“ (3D Drum Dress) in den Schlagzeugerinnen Himmel abhebt, fliegt und tanz und ihren elektronischen Traum lebt, in der Mode, Musik, Technologie und Unterhaltung in einzigartiger Form kombiniert werden. Angeschnallt!! www.lizzy.berlin

LIZZY “People walked on the moon and they’re cloning sheep, so why can’t I dance while drumming?” – LIZZY The future character of your electronic dreams: LIZZY and the 3D Drum Dress are going to revolutionize the way people play and experience the drums by bringing fashion, music, and technology together. A unique performance by an accomplished drummer girl, vocalist, and composer who developed a new wearable instrument dubbed the 3DDD playing hot electronic dance pop music. LIZZY has eight Midi Pads sticked on her dress and sensors under her heels. All hits are connected with lights and visuals. Merging hypnotic drumming with wearable 3D printing, LIZZY pushes the boundaries of music performance to become the character of your wildest electro pop dreams. www.lizzy.berlin

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, November 7

7:30pm CET