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Alessia Avallone

Language of Sound
Founder - Director
Born in Naples but made in London.
Alessia moved to UK 7 years ago with a BA in History and a MA in Art History aiming to be completely involved in the Art Business she started to work first as an Art curator for various Art galleries then i ended up working at the Victoria & Albert museum where i had the pleasure of being involved in the David Bowie’s exhibition which influenced her decision of switching into a music career.
Back in Naples she has always been surrounded by Music : with a father radio programmer ,musician and sound engineer for opera and ballet , being since a kid assisting him in theatres then during University i started to promote music events.
In London she first worked 3 years as booking agent at “Primary Talent” then she moved into artist management founding Language of Sound.
Language of Sound refuses to be a simple management agency but aims to be a creative platform for musicians based primarily on sensing Music as an Art form and experiment a new philosophy to assist musicians in their career based on care and understanding with the aim to create a bridge between different Art forms.
Each Artists she represents speaks a different language and wants to communicate a different story.
She works together with them as a Team where she mostly supports them being creative and designing the right strategy to stay happy in the industry.
Language of Sound helps developing Music and artists career from a different prospective, focusing on sound and the way the listener will be able to connected to the artists itself and its vision throughout it.
So far  she has the absolute honour to support the sound of the following artists : David August, Gigi Masin, Huerco S, Ron Trent,Rafael Anton Irisarri.