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[fwd:like waves] / Safe The Dance / Music Women* Germany
Munich Area, Germany
Mirca Lotz is a booker, promoter and event organizer in Munich and Berlin (among others). With her nonprofit „innen.aussen.raum.“ and her creative agency [fwd: like waves] she promotes live music events – often in in off locations and public spaces: from the riverside to the factory where the orient express was built. Creating extraordinary events by adding lights and decorations and transforming the mere spaces into something beautiful. Mirca additionally promotes shows and events for Filmfest Munich, the city of Munich and many others – often bringing toether arts, movies, theatre, poetry etc. with music. In 2017 she was selected as a music innovator for the PRS Keychange project aiming to transform the music industry into a more gender equal one. 2018 she co founded „musicBYwomen“ the second from 16 federal German networks for women* in the music industry that aims to built a network as well as create visibility for female identified people in the music industry. At the moment she is working on a new festival series called „music is the ___ of the future“ - a festival series about global equality and music starting December 2018 in Munich and extending to an open air festival in Berlin Summer 2019. Always open to new projects and proposals!
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