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Wednesday, November 7

12:00pm CET

A New Age of Publishing?
In todays’s day and age many artists feel uncomfortable signing away all their rights to publishers, labels or others - and they don’t have to anymore. The digital revolution has brought up many different models, giving artists total control of their rights and art. But which options are out there and what does this mean for the Publishing Industry? Will it be solely reliant on their already existing back catalogue or evolve together with the artists into a new age Publishing?

avatar for Laura Weinert

Laura Weinert

Student, Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media
Laura Weinert is in her 5th semester of the Master's programme Media and Music Management at Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. Whenever she is not busy exploring how the music industry deals with digital transformation, she helps a start-up called Cody to establish an... Read More →

avatar for Mandy Aubry

Mandy Aubry

Music Publishing, Songtrust
Songtrust is the leading technology solution for global music publishing administration, powering the publishing administration technology for over 150,000 songwriters, 20,000 publishers & more than 1 million copyrights. Our world class software solution to music publishing, gives... Read More →
avatar for Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart

CEO, Vezt Inc.
Steve Stewart is the co-founder and CEO of Vezt, Inc., the first music-driven tech platform giving people the ability to participate in the royalties of their favorite songs. Stewart has more than 20 years of professional experience in the music, tech and television industries, and... Read More →

Wednesday November 7, 2018 12:00pm - 12:40pm CET
Thursday, November 8

2:00pm CET

Who's Got Talent: (Wo)Man Or Machine?
Music is art. Art is unique. Machines can't do that... or at least, that's what some people say. 

Machines learn exponentially fast. They can be creative in their own way. That's what the others say.

In a controversial conversation this session will answer some provocative questions: 

• Is there promise in machines creating music? What is it? What opportunities await?
• What's wrong with machines creating music? Where is the void, and which questions remain unanswered?
• What does an algorithm need to be creative? Can it fundamentally change our understanding of music?

The last question goes to the audience too - they'll be asked to generate their ideal hypothetical music machine: the perfect man-machine collaboration.

avatar for Frank Sonder

Frank Sonder

Speaker and Moderator, 7R3NK
As an experienced entrepreneur, speaker, and business consultant, Frank focuses on human-computer interaction and the impact of digitalization on our society. He was founder, CEO and creative mind of foresee, a company developing interactive solutions at the intersection of humans... Read More →

avatar for Dr. Andy Elmsley

Dr. Andy Elmsley

CTO, Melodrive
Andy is co-founder and CTO of Melodrive, an AI adaptive music composer for games and interactive media. Prior to founding Melodrive he completed his award-winning PhD research in machine learning and music at City University of London, where he focused on real-time rhythm generation... Read More →
avatar for Prof. Dr. Sebastian Stober

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Stober

Professor for Artificial Intelligence, AILab @ Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
Sebastian Stober is Professor for Artificial Intelligence at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. In his interdisciplinary research, he combines machine learning, music information retrieval and cognitive neuroscience. Since 2013, he.has been pioneering deep learning techniques... Read More →
avatar for Jovanka v. Wilsdorf

Jovanka v. Wilsdorf

Musician / Artist Profiler / Speaker, BMG Rights Management
Jovanka v. Wilsdorf is a Berlin based musician and songwriter at BMG Rights Management. With her band QUARKS she released 4 albums at Sony Music and Monika Enterprise. V. Wilsdorf is a published book author and was an actress at Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus before she started working... Read More →

Thursday November 8, 2018 2:00pm - 2:55pm CET

4:30pm CET

Music Entrepreneurs - How to Empower Artists & Creators to do Things Their Own Way
What opportunities are there to explore within the next decade of the music industry, and what are the obstacles along the way?

We believe entrepreneurs are the ones who will find solutions to problems emerging from the transition the traditional industry is now facing. For us, this means that we’re imagining the next steps for the music industry, and actually pushing things forward.

Developing artists are increasingly needing to promote and launch music and connect with fans in new and innovative ways. Crowdfunding platforms demonstrating a new way for community supported creative projects to empower artists and improve the health of the industry.

avatar for Christoph Nagel

Christoph Nagel

International Manager Europe, Kickstarter
Christoph Nagel has been crafting sustainable communities for as long as he can remember. First by launching his own sneaker company “Jojo Project” at the age of 23, then by launching the recommendation website Yelp in his hometown Brussels as first and unique employee. First... Read More →

avatar for Katarina Holmberg

Katarina Holmberg

Composer/ Vocalist, Tigerlight
Katarina Holmberg, aka Tigerlight, is a music composer, producer, singer and voice over artist. Born in Finland raised as a Finnish-Swedish Brit via Berlin she graduated from Southampton University with a first-class degree in Music where she studied classical and jazz focusing on... Read More →
avatar for Johannes Lohbihler

Johannes Lohbihler

Creative Technologist, Dadamachines
Is a Creative Technologist living and working in Berlin. Creator of dadamachines. Previously co-founder of a SaaS company named LUXOWORKS. He is a seventh generation carpenter with a BA in product design and an MA in interaction design. He creates digital and analogue products and... Read More →
avatar for Nick Morrison

Nick Morrison

Guitarist, Singer, Percussionist, Improviser and Composer, Freelancer / Kickstarter Creator
Nick Morrison is a French-American guitarist, singer, percussionist, improviser and composer. A graduate of New England Conservatory's Contemporary Improvisation program, he moved to Berlin in 2012. Since then he has released three records with afrobeat bands (Kilinba, Tiliboo, and... Read More →

Thursday November 8, 2018 4:30pm - 5:25pm CET

5:30pm CET

Women in Music - Vom Gendergap zur Community presented by RockCity Hamburg und Most Wanted: Music
Fast 80 Musikfrauen gründeten 2017 in Hamburg ihre eigene Interessenvertretung mit Datenbank für Musikfrauen in ganz Deutschland. Der Name musicHHwomen – art.business.media. ist dabei Programm, denn das Netzwerk will Plattform für Musikfrauen aus allen 3 Bereichen sein. Ob Musikerin (art), Bookerin (business) oder Musikjournalistin (media), allen wird das neue Netzwerk Qualifikation, Austausch, Teilhabe, Stärkung, Schutz und Präsenz bieten.
Hintergrund der Netzwerkgründung ist der vorherrschende Geschlechterkonflikt in der Musikbranche. Solange kaum Erhebungen, belastbares Datenmaterial, Teilhabe am politischen Dialog oder Zugang zur zumeist männlichen Führungselite existieren, bleiben Frauen im Gegensatz zu ihren männlichen Kollegen im arbeitsreichen, aber schwach bezahlten Kultur- und Sozialsektor verhaftet. Schaut man sich die Führungsebenen von Musikunternehmen an, fällt aktuell auf, dass nur 7,4 Prozent der Mitgliedsunternehmen des VUT von Frauen geführt werden. Nicht anders sieht es mit dem Anteil von Frauen auf Festivals aus. Der Anteil an Produzentinnen, Schlagzeugerinnen, Komponistinnen, Labelbetreiberinnen liegt unter 5,0%. Diese Session von Netzwerkgründerin Andrea Rothaug gibt Einblicke in die Situation von Frauen in der Musikbranche und zeigt neue Wege zwecks Empowerment, Präsentation und Know-How Transfer von und für Frauen in der Musik.

avatar for Christoph Schrag

Christoph Schrag

Moderator, Journalist, Radio Fritz
Gescheiterter Musiker, geduldeter Radiomoderator, Magister nach nur 22 Semestern Literaturstudium und Hobby-Schauspieler im vierten Bildungsweg – Christoph Schrag bringt alle Qualifikationen mit, um sich zu fast allem zu äußern. In seiner Radiosendung Unsigned auf Fritz vom RBB... Read More →

avatar for Olaf Kretschmar

Olaf Kretschmar

Vorstandsvorsitzender / Cluster Manager, Berlin Music Commission
Olaf Kretschmar stieg nach Philosophiestudium und Marketingausbildung als Clubbetreiber und Booker in die Musikwirtschaft ein und hat in den 90ern „die Clubkultur in Berlin miterfunden“ (Berliner Zeitung April 2007). 2000 gründete er mit Sascha Wolf und Sascha Disselkamp die... Read More →
avatar for Katja Lucker

Katja Lucker

Geschäftsführerin, Musicboard Berlin GmbH
Die in Norddeutschland geborene Katja Lucker begann ihre Karriere 1990 in Berlin als Schauspielerin, bevor sie sich erfolgreich als Kulturmanagerin selbständig machte. Zu ihrem Portfolio gehören u.a. das Kesselhaus in der Kulturbrauerei, der Karneval der Kulturen sowie Arbeiten... Read More →
avatar for Achan Malonda

Achan Malonda

Sängerin und Songwriterin, MALONDA
Achan Malonda ist eine in Berlin lebende Sängerin. Aufgewachsen zwischen eklektischen Musikeinflüssen (Mamas Schallplatten, Konzertchor und Punkband), studierte sie zunächst Medienwirtschaft, bevor sie die Sarabi beim „König der Löwen“ gab. In Hamburg wurde sie auch Teil... Read More →
avatar for Andrea Rothaug

Andrea Rothaug

Geschäftsführerin, RockCity Hamburg e.V.
Andrea Rothaug ist Geschäftsführerin des RockCity Hamburg e.V. – Zentrum für Popularmusik und Präsidentin des Bundesverbandes Popularmusik Deutschland. Außerdem Mitbegründerin des Clubkombinat Hamburg e.V., des ersten lokalen Musikladens Hanseplatte – Musik von hier, des... Read More →
avatar for Désirée Vach

Désirée Vach

Vorstandsvorsitzende, VUT e.V.
Originally from the Rhineland, Desiree J. Vach founded Snowhite Records & Artist Management in 2009. Previously Vach worked for the independent label Kitty -Yo (Peaches, Gonzales, Jeans Team etc), which closed in 2006. Vach left Kitty-Yo and took over the management of the independent... Read More →
avatar for Jovanka v. Wilsdorf

Jovanka v. Wilsdorf

Musician / Artist Profiler / Speaker, BMG Rights Management
Jovanka v. Wilsdorf is a Berlin based musician and songwriter at BMG Rights Management. With her band QUARKS she released 4 albums at Sony Music and Monika Enterprise. V. Wilsdorf is a published book author and was an actress at Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus before she started working... Read More →

Thursday November 8, 2018 5:30pm - 6:10pm CET

7:00pm CET

Music Pool Community Night: The Management Hypothetical
Artists and managers face tough business and creative decisions every single day. Do you take the opening slot? Is that sync fee good or not? What do you do?

APRA AMCOS and Music Pool Berlin present The Management Hypothetical panel to help you answer these questions.

Inspired by Geoffrey Robertson's "Hypotheticals" TV series in Australia, this will explore the decision-making process of an imagined artist's career with the help from a panel of expert managers. 

Through a series of 'what if' scenarios, we'll examine how a manager engages with an artist: from the point of discovery, through to sourcing and securing deals  across the industry, managing an artist’s expectations and maintaining their well-being throughout their career. 

In case you hadn't guessed: this is an essential panel for anyone who works in, or hopes to work in, artist management.

avatar for Adam Townsend

Adam Townsend

Member Relations - UK & Europe, APRA AMCOS
Adam Townsend has been leading APRA AMCOS Member Relations operations in UK and Europe for the past 5 years and is based out of RAK Studios in London. Adam looks after the interests of APRA AMCOS songwriter members based around Europe including Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Parcels, Jordan... Read More →

avatar for Alessia Avallone

Alessia Avallone

Founder - Director, Language of Sound
Born in Naples but made in London.Alessia moved to UK 7 years ago with a BA in History and a MA in Art History aiming to be completely involved in the Art Business she started to work first as an Art curator for various Art galleries then i ended up working at the Victoria & Albert... Read More →
avatar for Rowan Brand

Rowan Brand

Founder and Director, Tribe Management
Founded by Rowan Brand, Matthijs Boom and Jack Saunders in 2017, Tribe is a boutique international artist management company based in the UK and the Netherlands with a roster including, Bear's Den, Dan Croll, Alpines, Tusks, Aaron Taylor, Amber Run and Paul Frith.

Thursday November 8, 2018 7:00pm - 8:30pm CET